A message from our partner organization the Israeli-American Council

This morning, the UC Regents voted unanimously to adopt a new statement of “Principles Against Intolerancedefining anti-Zionism as discrimination and condemns it as having “no place at the University of California.”

We commend the UC Regent’s strong statement and thank them for sending an unmistakable message that the University of California will not stand idly as pro-Israel and Jewish students are demonized, discriminated against, and harassed.

We want to thank you – members of our Israeli-American community – who sent more 500 letters in support of this important statement.

In doing so, we have made clear that our community stands with pro-Israel students and stands against those that seek to spread hatred of the Jewish state and the Jewish people on our campuses.

Together, as a united Israeli-American community, we will continue to strengthen the State of Israel and the U.S-Israel alliance in California – and all across America.