Massachusetts Anti-Discrimination BDS Testimony

  • 5 Key Elements of Impactful Testimony (Enter testimony below these tips):
    1. Introduce yourself and thank the committee for considering this legislation.
    2. Explain why this bill is a critical/personal issue for you. Tell your story. Write from your heart.
    3. Focus on one issue/argument only; include specific facts/information/substantiation.
    4. Avoid hyperbole/charged rhetoric. Don’t attack specific groups or individuals by name.
    5. Thank the committee chairs and members for their favorable consideration of this legislation.

    Read more about the Israel-Boston relationship.

    Focus on:
    1. The discriminatory aspects of BDS within Massachusetts. How it affects our schools, our businesses, our way of life.

    2. The positive aspects of the Massachusetts – Israel relationship.

    3. The text of the bill protects everyone in the Commonwealth from being discriminated against by movements similar to BDS.

    Read more about this bill from the Boston JCRC.
  • A copy of this testimony will be sent to your email.