Nevada to become 20th state to combat the BDS movement as bill heads to governor for signature

Carson City, Nevada, May 24, 2017: Organized by the Israeli-American Coalition for Action (IAC for Action), the Israeli-American community in Nevada successfully led a grassroots effort advocating against discriminatory economic boycotts of Israel. On Wednesday, the Nevada Assembly voted to pass SB 26, introduced by Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison, which declares that the State of Nevada may not contract with, or invest in, companies that boycott, divest and sanction (BDS) Israel for discriminatory or political purposes. The measure also applies to local governments in Nevada, including Las Vegas.

“Nevadans of all backgrounds made it clear that we reject BDS and its discriminatory practices,” said Neville Pokroy, Chair of IAC for Action Government Affairs Committee in Nevada. “Thanks to the leadership of Lt. Governor Hutchison, Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel, and with support from our friends across the state in the Filipino, Hispanic, African American, and Christian communities, we told our legislators that this is not just an Israeli-American issue, it’s a Nevada issue,” he added.

IAC for Action supporters personally visited legislators, sent thousands of letters, and made hundreds of calls expressing their growing concerns with international efforts to boycott Israel, one of Nevada’s major economic trading partners.

  • Since 2003 Israeli firms have invested $1.7 billion and created over 6100 jobs in Nevada.
  • Several Israeli water tech companies are currently working in Nevada to secure the state’s water supply.

“The BDS movement focuses on discriminating against businesses, organizations, and institutions simply for exercising their right to freely associate with Israel, or for being of Jewish or Israeli heritage. Nevada has strong economic ties with companies targeted by BDS in sectors like water sustainability, alternative energy, and cyber security. Allowing BDS to infiltrate this state would greatly disenfranchise Nevadans and harm our long-term economic interests,” said Dillon Hosier, National Director of State Government Affairs at IAC for Action.

The bill now moves to the desk of Nevada’s Governor, Brian Sandoval, for signature. Once the bill becomes law, Nevada will be the 20th state to pass anti-BDS legislation.

  • In 2013 Governor Sandoval led a delegation to Israel focused on strengthening economic ties with Nevada.
  • Governor Sandoval was a keynote speaker at Israel’s WATEC – world’s largest water tech conference.