Israeli-American Coalition for Action Praises Reps. Zeldin and Meng for Introduction of Bipartisan House Resolution to Recognize Israeli-American Heritage

Washington, D.C.— Rep. Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1) and Rep. Grace Meng (D, NY-6) introduced a bipartisan resolution in the House of Representatives this week to recognize Israeli-American heritage and the contributions of the Israeli-American community.

The introduction of this resolution is in anticipation of Jewish American Heritage Month, which is celebrated each May, and Israel’s Independence Day, which will be celebrated on May 2 this year. A copy of the resolution can be viewed here.

“The Israeli-American Coalition for Action is grateful to Reps. Zeldin and Meng for leading this important effort in Congress to recognize the Israeli-American community’s unique and wide-ranging contributions to the United States,” Israeli-American Council CEO Shoham Nicolet said. “From high-tech to Hollywood, from agriculture to clean energy, Israeli-Americans are making their mark in the U.S. to strengthen our country’s security, economy, and future.”

Rep. Zeldin said, “I am proud to introduce this bipartisan resolution in the House with Rep. Meng. There are currently around 800,000 Israeli-Americans in the United States who have a critical role in our society, specifically our country’s economy, culture and national security. Israeli-Americans contribute in many ways that create jobs and help grow our economy, while strengthening our nation’s national security to protect America’s interests at home and abroad. I encourage all of my House colleagues to support this resolution.”

Rep. Meng said, “Israeli-Americans have made outstanding and lasting contributions to many facets of American society. From creating technological advancements that we use every day, to starting businesses that employ tens of thousands of Americans, the Israeli-American community continues to thrive, thereby strengthening our economy. As the representative of many hardworking Israeli-Americans, I’m proud to help introduce this important resolution.”