Heavy consumption of water by global business has led to an increase in scrutiny on water conservation practices or the lack thereof. In effect, studies have found that businesses that implement water conserving practices see a positive impact on their bottom line and have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions:

The cost of incurred by businesses who lacked a proper water conservation infrastructure totaled out to $14 Billion. 24% reduction of greenhouse gasses was dependent on a stable supply of good quality water. 53% of companies report that better water management is delivering greenhouse gas reduction.

Water conservation is critical, not just for the bottom line, but for water security:

BP projects a 36% increase in global energy consumption by 2030, while the UN predicts a 40% global shortfall in water supply by 2030.

While the global demand for water is increasing, businesses must implement better water conservation practices to not only better serve themselves but also our global community. To learn more about corporate water disclosure, click here.